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Day Captain

Looking for an enjoyable day out on the water in San Diego, CA? Whether it’s your boat or chartered, I’ve got you covered. As an experienced captain,  I’ll manage the logistics and execution of the trip — we’ll have a great time!

Day trips range from 3-8 hours. Departure points include Shelter Island, Harbor Island, Downtown, and any South Bay marinas.

Contact us to discuss trip details and rates.

Pre-purchase Survey

So you’re thinking about buying a boat and want to know what (if anything) is wrong with it? A pre-purchase survey is vital to discovering what exactly is wrong and how much it will cost to correct. A good survey will cover:
     • Hull integrity
     • Operability and condition of the main engines and generator (total time, impellers, maintenance records, fuel flow per RPM, and corrosion)
     • Operability of all hydraulic systems (rudder)
     • Operability and condition of the black water system (MSD, macerator, valves, and marine heads)
     • Operability and condition of all marine electronics (VHF radio, depth sounder, GPS, navigation suite, and engine gauges)
     • Ground tackle
     •A/C and heating system
     •Propane gas plumbing
     • Bonding system


When it comes to transporting your yacht to another location, planning is essential as there are many factors involved. Some items to think about are:
     • Is my boat in seaworthy condition?
     • Do I have enough fuel to make the journey?
     • How much time will the trip take?
     • Is the weather safe enough to make the journey?
     • Do I have a backup plan in case something goes wrong?

Let us take the hassle out of repositioning your vessel. 


So you’ve purchased a boat and need some direction on how to safely take it out on the water. Or, perhaps you need a refresher on how to handle your watercraft after a winter off.

Items taught include:
     • Pre-departure checklists
     • Line tying
     • Single engine maneuvering
     • Duel engine maneuvering
     • Using the wind/current to your advantage
     • Rules of the road
     • Anchoring
     • Emergency checklists

If this sounds like you, call us today so that we can address your needs together.


The stem-to-stern inspection includes the following items, as applicable to your vessel. The goal of this process is to catch any problems that arise and make the owner aware of the issues, so that they don’t affect your next outing.

Hull: Check the hull for any damage, cracks, or signs of wear and tear. Inspect the hull fittings and through-hull fittings to ensure they are tight and secure.

Deck: Check the deck for any soft spots or areas of delamination. Inspect the deck hardware, including cleats, chocks, and stanchions, to ensure they are secure.

Rigging: Inspect the rigging for signs of wear and tear, including frayed wires, corrosion, and loose fittings.

Anchoring system: Inspect the anchor, chain, and rode for any signs of damage. Check the windlass or manual windlass for proper operation.

Electrical system: Check the electrical system for any loose connections and corrosion. Ensure that all lights, instruments, and other electrical components are in good working condition.

Safety equipment: Check the condition and expiration dates of all safety equipment, including life jackets, flares, and fire extinguishers. Ensure that all required equipment is on board and in good working condition.

Cockpit: Inspect the cockpit for any signs of wear or damage. Check the condition of the cockpit cushions, steering wheel, and other components. Ensure that all drains are clear and functioning properly.

Hatches and ports: Inspect all hatches and ports for signs of leakage. Ensure that all seals are in good condition and that they are closing properly.

Paint and varnish: Inspect the paint and varnish for any signs of wear.